About Freedom Farms


Mike Maloney & Nikola Spassov at Freedom Farms

Our Mission is to reverse the environmental impact of farming while creating tastier, healthier food.

The Strategy:

To heal the body with a never-ending quest to improve both the flavor and the nutrition of food by constant analysis, tasting, testing, selecting, breeding, improving, and repeating. 

To heal the planet by developing organic, regenerative, atmospheric-carbon-negative, farming techniques that are lower in cost, and therefore higher in profit, which will cause worldwide adoption of these practices.  

The Tactic:

To combine a green-powered, organic, permaculture farm with the best and brightest young minds in the fields of engineering, animal husbandry, botany, horticulture, plant genetics, biology, microbiology, agronomy, soil science etc., along with state-of-the-art laboratories and food processing facilities.  To the greatest extent possible, the farm will use only electric vehicles and equipment powered by solar, wind, and hydroelectric. 

The Land:

Freedom Farms is 900 magical acres of pristine land at the very top of Puerto Rico, that has been pesticide, herbicide, and chemical fertilizer free since 2006.  Ranging in elevation from 2400-3600 feet, it contains three rivers, four large ponds, and has spectacular panoramic views of mountains and the oceans on both the north and south coasts.  Its main river begins at Puerto Rico’s highest peak and then flows through a few thousand acres of undisturbed, protected, State Forest, which has no roads, trails, people, or pollutants.  The constant breeze from the southeast guarantees that any pollutants traveling the 4000–6000-mile journey from North Africa over the Atlantic get precipitated out before falling as pure, clean rain.  Therefore, Freedom Farms has some of the purest air, water, and soil available at these latitudes.

The Farm:

Freedom Farms uses regenerative permaculture techniques that build topsoil instead of depleting it.  More than half of plant biomass grows below ground.  When plants die the carbon they took in during their lifetime is sequestered in the topsoil.  Thus, building topsoil has the potential to sequester massive amounts of atmospheric CO2.  Since the farm will be completely solar/wind/hydroelectric powered, and will use mostly electric farm equipment, it pretty much guarantees that Freedom Farms will be truly “atmospheric carbon negative.”


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